Counting Down to the Trade Deadline

Time for Brad Pitt, errr, I mean Billy Beane, to work his deadline magic.

Time for Brad Pitt, errr, I mean Billy Beane, to work his deadline magic.

Hey folks, I apologize for the lack of updates over the weekend, I’ve just been dealing with a lot of craziness the past few days that has taken up all the spare time I had set aside to work on the blog. I’m still working on rolling on some new features so I should have some interesting stuff coming your way later this week. Speaking of later this week, the July 31 trading deadline is just two days away and there’s no shortage of news and rumors about possible destinations for a number of players. The A’s, who were in the mix for Jake Peavy, have moved on and will look at other trade scenarios, according to Ken Rosenthal.

While most A’s fans I’ve talked to have clamored for improvements up the middle, namely at second and catcher, Billy Beane seemed to be focusing on improving one of the areas where the trade market was a little fuller with starting pitching. Unfortunately, the White Sox are asking for a big return on Peavy, wanting both prospects and to shed a significant portion of the $20 million or so remaining on his contract.

The Sox reportedly asked the A’s for Sonny Gray and Addison Russell, while also asking the A’s to pay almost $20 million in salary, according to Peter Gammons. I haven’t yet been able to confirm reports that Billy Beane broke into a fit of hysterical laughter upon hearing Chicago’s demands.

Peavy would be a nice boost to any team that acquires him, but it doesn’t make much sense to sacrifice significant parts of the future for an injury-prone starter whose best days are behind him. Especially one who is due to earn $14.5 million next season.

If Billy still has his heart set on acquiring a starting pitcher Edinson Volquez (Padres), Bud Norris (Astros), and Kyle Lohse (Brewers) are potential targets. A quick glance at their standard pitching stats suggests Lohse is having the best season of the trio, but he has been prone to the longball this season, surrendering 20 in 128.1 innings of work so far.

I haven’t heard any news regarding what other players Billy may be targeting, but with the deadline a little less than 48 hours away we may start hearing some names very soon. Stay tuned.

In other news…

  • Rumors have been swirling that Major League Baseball will announce all suspensions related to the Biogenesis case this week but nothing is expected today, according to MLB Trade Rumors. Rosenthal reports Bartolo Colon is likely to avoid discipline according to his sources, but there’s no telling what’s going to happen at this point. All I know is, whatever happens with Colon and the others involved will have a significant bearing on the way MLB conducts steroid investigations and discipline.
  • John Jaso, who was put on the seven-day concussion disabled list last Thursday, is resting at home and avoiding any visually stimulating activity, according to Susan Slusser. There is a possibility Jaso will stay on the concussion DL longer than seven days, and he will need to show he is not suffering any concussion symptoms before being cleared to play. This is the third concussion Jaso has sustained in his big league career. In the same article, Slusser reported Brett Anderson is scheduled for another bullpen session on Tuesday. The plan is to throw 25 pitches and then sit, simulating the rest time between innings, and then having hitters stand in during his second go around.
  • In honor of Saturday’s 1969 Turn Back the Clock Day, I figured it was appropriate to share a great article I read on Dock Ellis during the weekend (I was going to share it earlier but my aforementioned crazy weekend got in the way). Ellis is famously remembered for claiming to have thrown a no-hitter on June 12, 1970 while tripping balls on LSD. Although his no-no came a year after 1969, the drug counterculture of the era was still in full swing and wouldn’t slow down any time. Check it out for a fantastic look into Ellis’ life and the day he seemingly defied all the laws of nature and partying and went nine innings without giving up a hit.
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