Brace Yourselves, Suspensions Are Coming

Bartolo Colon

Will Bartolo be going ‘bye-bye’ again? (Photo courtesy of Keith Allison)

In a bit of news from the “we knew this was coming” category, it was reported by MLB Trade Rumors about a half hour ago that Major League Baseball is preparing to suspend Ryan Braun, Alex Rogriguez, and as many as 20 other players for their connection to the Miami Biogenesis clinic soon after the All-Star Break next week. You may remember that A’s pitcher Bartolo Colon was one of the players named in the initial report.

If Colon does get suspended the A’s will be without their best starting pitcher for the rest of the season as he will be subject to a 100-game ban due to this being a second steroids violation. His career would be done in all likelihood, but I did say the same thing when he got nailed last year. Regardless of what this means for Colon’s future, the A’s will have to figure out how to get to the playoffs without the big guy once again. Seeing as how the starting pitcher corps is a little thinner this year than last (we miss you Brandon McCarthy and Travis Blackley) it would be a tough task.

Colon has pitched extremely well this season, compiling a 12-3 record with a 2.68 ERA and 1.105 WHIP, earning his third All-Star selection in the process.

Thankfully, the rest of the rotation has found its stride after a few bumps in the road early in the season and should only continue to improve. The A’s also have some options to take Colon’s spot if he does get suspended. We could see top prospect Sonny Gray make his MLB debut sometime after the break. Jesse Chavez is normally a starting pitcher and has performed well enough to warrant a look. We also shouldn’t forget that Brett Anderson is still on the mend and could be back on the mound around August, giving the rotation a big boost for the stretch run the same way he did last season.

Losing Colon would surely be a big blow, but it wouldn’t completely lay waste to the season. If there’s one thing the organization has proven they can do its find arms that can effectively eat up innings.

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2 Responses to Brace Yourselves, Suspensions Are Coming

  1. Dennis Biles says:

    Yeah, that should definitely happen. It will drag it out for a long time. Who knows? We might not see anybody get suspended. I’m curious to see what evidence MLB has gathered.

  2. none says:

    Players’ union will surely appeal, which could be a long process. No?

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