LIR: Back In Action

Josh Reddick is clearly pumped about the return of Life In Right.

Well, it’s only taken exactly a month, but I finally managed to come back to the blog. You’re probably wondering what the hell happened for me to go all Jimmy Hoffa, but it’s really just a combination of school, getting life priorities in order, and being lazy otherwise. I’m sorry that I don’t have an entertaining story about getting kidnapped by terrorists or having been engaged in the bender to end all benders. Perhaps next time.

Anyway, the A’s have been playing some exciting, and at times frustrating, baseball the past month, so allow me to gloss over a few things so I can get this blog back up to speed:

  • One of the things that has really sucked about not updating the blog is that it’s impossible for me to remember the date of certain events. Last month during the Cleveland series, after the hype of Bacon Tuesday took America by storm, Josh Reddick decided he wanted to get in on some of the fun with the Right Field Bleacher Crew and sent us an autographed John Cena edition WWE title belt. Apparently, Josh is a HUGE wrestling fan and wanted to do something to make sure we weren’t jumping ship on him. Now, whenever Josh comes to bat, we hold up the belt he gave us, plus a bunch of other smaller belts that the crew has collected. The fun never stops in right.

We love the belt, but if the jewels were real we’d sell the belt to buy 10 lifetime season ticket holder accounts.

  • After tonight’s 4-1 loss to the Rangers the A’s are now back at .500 (again) with a 19-19 record. Although pretty much everybody in the baseball world, including me, is surprised that the A’s still have decent record at this point in the season, the A’s just can’t manage to stay away from the .500 mark. Each time they get a game or two above, they fall right back down to an even record within a day or two. I know that the expectations coming into this season weren’t very high, but now that the A’s have my hopes up it’d be nice if they could capitalize on the glimmers of hope and potential us fans keep seeing. In order for them to do so, they need to improve upon their .215 batting average, which is dead last in all of baseball. Yikes.
  • The third base problem seemed to have been temporarily solved with the addition of Brandon Inge, who slugged four homers (including two grand slams) and driven in 17 RBIs in the 11 games since he was signed on April 29. However, he hasn’t played since May 12 due to a groin injury, and it looks like he’s headed to the DL. Looks like Josh Donaldson will get another shot to prove himself while Inge is on the mend.
  • Speaking of injuries, Yoenis Cespedes was placed on the DL on May 12 due to a strained muscle in the back of his left hand. The good news is that it’s not serious, and he’s already been cleared to resume baseball activities, except for swinging a bat. He’s eligible to come off the DL on May 22 since the move was made retroactive to May 7.
  • Last, but sure as hell not least, there’s been a lot of rumbling on the new stadium front after several weeks of peace and quiet. At the beginning of the month, Clorox CEO Don Knauss announced that his company, and other businesses in the East Bay, have pledged their support to keeping the A’s in Oakland. Not long after, Lew Wolff publicly announced that the A’s were not for sale. Not long after, an open letter to A’s ownership was published in various Bay Area newspapers, urging Wolff and John Fisher to sell the team. The next day, it was reported that Wolff would be willing to meet with Knauss, but most of the meeting would be spent going over Wolff’s supposed unsuccessful efforts to build a new stadium in Oakland. Who knows what we can expect next.

Well, that’s about it for the time being. Now that LIR is up and running again, you can expect plenty of updates, and no more vanishing acts from me.

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