Enter Life In Right

The Right Field Bleacher Crew. We roll deep.

Hey, this is the obligatory first entry where I introduce myself and let you know what this blog is all about: My name is Dennis Biles and I’m a journalist major in my junior year at San Jose State University, and this blog was created for a semester-long project in my New Media class.

I’m a man of many interests, chief among them the Oakland Athletics and baseball in general, and that’s just what this blog is about. If there’s news concerning the long-fabled new stadium, yet another heartbreaking trade (which is a daily threat), or if anything interesting happens with the A’s or baseball in general you can read my take on it here.

I’ve been going to A’s games for over 20 years and have been a season ticket holder since 2007, sitting in the right field bleachers (hence the blog name) with a group of some of the most dedicated, and sometimes intoxicated, fans in the world of sports.  Win or lose, we are there, loud and proud.

There's a fine line between 'hardcore fan' and 'lunatic angrily waving things over his head.'

For now, this blog is just to keep my teacher happy and get an ‘A’ in the class, but as a journalist it would be nice to parlay this into some sort of professional venture down the line. I don’t have a job, I can’t hide out in school forever, and I need beer money. Hopefully you have as much fun reading this blog as I do putting it together. And hopefully the A’s make some noise in the 2012 season.

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